About the Speaker:

Suvir Misra [IRS & Rudra Veena Maestro]
Rudra VeenaSaraswati VeenaSurbahar veena

Suvir was trained in the Rudra Veena by Zia Fariduddin Dagar and simultaneously studied dhrupad from Nirmalya Dey. He learnt the Gwalior gharana singing style from K.N.Ienger and learnt sitar from N.R.Rama Rao. He studied tabla under Bandu Khan of Ajrara gharana. Suvir found inspiration in Veena from S. Balchandar of the Karnatic tradition.

He believes that older themes in classical music don't have much importance to modern Indian living and, to popularize classical music, contemporary themes should be used. For this he introduced modern Hindi mukta chhanda poetry within Dhrupad composition structure, and also used newer themes in Hindi literature instead of traditional Awadhi language or Braj Bhasha.

Suvir Misra plays and also makes the Rudra Veena. Suvir has performed on various platforms within India.

About the Book:

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