Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

About the Speaker:

Sanjiv Kapoor [Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at Air Vistara ]

Sanjiv is currently Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at Vistara (TATA - Singapore Airlines), a position he assumed on March 1, 2016, after having successfully led SpiceJet to a transformational turnaround as it Chief Operating Officer and de-facto CEO in 2014-15.

With over 17 years of experience in the airline industry, Sanjiv has worked with airlines in Asia, Europe, and the US as a C-level executive, as a part of management, as a management consultant, and as an investment advisor in the aviation space.

A native of Kolkata where he did his schooling at La Martiniere, Sanjiv received his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and his BA in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, USA.

About the Book:

The book provides unique insights into thoughts and life of Steve Jobs, a man who literally transformed the digital lifestyle that billions of people all over the world have made part of their lives today. Written by renowned author Walter Isaacson, the autobiography is based on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs. It took nearly two years to conduct all these interviews; some interesting conversations from family, friends, competitors and colleagues are also included in the autobiography.

Being one of the most influential creators and entrepreneurs of the century, Jobs has very well managed to change the shape of digital era with his futuristic vision and passion for perfection. From approaching personal computers to revolutionizing the market with iPhone, iPod and iPad, the book represents every aspect of his life in detail.

Isaacson has beautifully narrated the story of Jobs’ life that was full of ups and downs. The story tells how this creative genius managed to transform the fate of six big industries, such as personal computers, music, animated movies, phones, digital publishing and tablet computing.

Through the interviews and conversations with friend and foes, it is clear that Jobs was honest about his opinions. He talked candidly, sometime brutally as well and also encouraged people to speak honestly. He even cooperated with the author of this book and did not interfere in any of the author’s narration or viewpoints.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and followers of Steve Jobs, the book offers various aspects of his life. Everyone’s opinion, be it his friends, foes and colleagues, has been presented in the book to provide a detailed insight into his roller-coaster life. According to the people who knew him, Jobs was full of passion, artistry, obsession, compulsion and perfectionism. All these qualities are the reason behind his success and approach towards innovation and this book is just the ideal way to know the person that he was.

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