22, August, 2019


12:00 pm to 2:45 pm


SP Jain School of Global Management


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Keynote Speaker
Dr. Ghazala Shahabuddin [Ecologist and Author]

Dr. Ghazala Shahabuddin is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Ecology, Development and Research (CEDAR), Delhi, where she is researching the ecological and institutional aspects of decentralized forest management, urban ecology, conservation-induced displacement and wildlife policy in India.

Dr. Shahabuddin earned her Ph.D. in conservation biology from Duke University (1998), where she studied the ecological consequences of tropical forest fragmentation, based in the Guri Islands of Venezuela. Subsequently, she worked with a number of research organizations and non-profits in India including the Council for Social Development and Wildlife Conservation Society-India Programme. She has also worked as a consultant with the World Bank (Washington DC), United Nations Development Programme (Delhi), and CARE-Nepal (Kathmandu). Between 2009-14, Dr. Shahabuddin worked as an Associate Professor at the School of Human Ecology at Ambedkar University, Delhi, where she helped establish M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Environment and Development, and taught ecology, environmental policy and politics, and statistics.

Dr. Shahabuddin has published extensively in scientific journals in the areas of conservation biology, ornithology, and wildlife policy. Her book, Conservation at the Crossroads: Science, Society and the Future of India’s Wildlife (Permanent Black, India, 2010), examines the science and politics of nature conservation in India. She has co-edited two other books: Nature Without Borders (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Making Conservation Work: Securing Biodiversity in This New Century (Permanent Black, 2007).

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Singapore, a country, that emerged from third to first, in all aspects of life has inspired the whole world on a very specific subject of exclusivity of life and nature while creating a mega-metropolis.

The country stands as a testimony to be a remarkable example of ‘ The Triple Bottom Line’ – Growth with sustainability. The respect not for human relationships, but for nature makes it truly astounding.

Our introductory session at Singapore aims at presenting a few books and book talks where Nature and the relationship with it can be showcased. Our keynote Dr. Ghazala Shahabuddin, an ecologist and climate change activist, has been an icon in her field. She is a researcher who is highly sensitive towards the cause of conservation and in her book ‘ Conservation at Crossroads’ has revealed her research that makes us think of what can we have done by us as global citizens. In her talk, she will draw parallels to what Singapore has taught other countries when it comes to conservation of Nature.

Other book talks by eminent leaders will be all based on the theme ‘ Nature and Us’ and will ensure that the participants of the session do take back home a message to implement.

Session Flow

5:30 High Tea

6:00 Welcome Note – Dr. John Fong CEO & Head of Campus

6:05 Introduction to CBL – Mohit

6:10 Dr. Ghazala, Keynote Author

6:25 S V Padmanabhan (Venkat) – The Alchemist

6:35 Ananya Mukherjee – Jonathan Livingston Seagull

6:45 Richa Sharma – The Nature Fix

6:55 Dr. Veena Jhadav – Wings of Fire

7:05 Mohit Gupta – The Climate Solution

7:15 Rashmi Agarwal – Songs of Nature

7:25 Vote of Thanks

Venue: SP Jain School of Global Management, 10 Hyderabad Rd, HortPark, Singapore 119579


Session Host – Mohit Gupta

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