Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting by Ravi Pandit

About the Speaker:

Ravi Pandit [Co-founder, Chairman & Group CEO at KPIT ]

Ravi Pandit is the Co-founder, Chairman and Group CEO of KPIT Technologies Ltd. His vision as the founder of KPIT has steered the Company toward achieving leadership position as product engineering and IT consulting solutions and services provider, to three industries namely automotive & transportation, manufacturing and energy & utilities. He has been instrumental in shaping KPIT's vertical focus strategy and building a unique partnership model based on the tenets of innovation and sustainable development.

Having run a Chartered Accountancy firm for close to a decade after finishing his master's studies, Ravi decided to venture into Information Technology consulting and services, thus setting up KPIT, with his co-founder, in 1990.

About the Book:

An exhilarating manifesto for the future, this book convinces readers to make the shift from reactive leapfrogging to proactive pole-vaulting through radical transformation.

The unique '3-4-7 framework' demonstrates how a paralysing mass of problems can be brought down to a formidable formula, thus making every problem solvable, no matter how big and complex. The book is dotted with inspiring case studies that can instil confidence in people from across the world to put this framework into practice for assured success.

Dr Mashelkar and Mr Pandit ably show in this must-read book that-as an interplay of global issues constantly raise the bar for innovation today-there has never been a better time to use our learnings to pole-vault over those bars into a new future!

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