Stark Raving Ad: A Giddy Guide to Indian Ads You Love (Or Hate) by Ritu Singh

CBL Raghav - Stark Raving Ad - ' Ritu Singh'

Raghav Subramanian is armed with over 25 years of experience and has worked on brands such as American Express, Dabur, ITC Agro and Godfrey Phillips India. Presently he is part of the senior management team of the global advertising giant IPG Mediabrands, India. He has spent around a decade in GroupM, New York managing Amex across its international markets and moved on to lead part of the Business Science division, after which he returned to India and served as chief strategy officer at Publicis Media (ZenithOptimedia and Starcom Mediavest). He joined Lintas Media Group as COO after which he and Sudha Natrajan started their own venture, The Media Consultants, based in Gurgaon. He is an avid reader and is of the most creative brains in the industry.At CBL on 15th Dec at SPJIMR, he reviewed ‘ Stark Raving Ad: A Giddy Guide to Indian Ads You Love (Hate)’ by Ritu Singh (publ. Hachette) while the author Ritu was also present at the session.In this review he discusses the notlagia that ad movies leave us with especially like the ones of Onida, Surf, Amul and many others. CityBookLeaders.comVideo Link :

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About the Speaker:

Raghav Subramanian [Senior Leadership at IPG Mediabrands]

Raghav Subramanian, Co-founder of the consulting firm The Media Cafe, has joined IPG Mediabrands. The development was confirmed by Shashi Sinha, CEO of IPG Mediabrands India.

The news on appointment of Raghav Subramanian comes close to the updates of his close associate and former Lintas Colleague Sudha Natrajan joining Hindustan Times as Head Strategic Business Development.

When contacted, Sinha said Raghav Subramanian’s role and designation were in the process of being defined. However, industry sources confirm that Subramanian’s designation is likely to be Chief Operating Officer (COO) and he would head the media buying operations of IPG Mediabrands.

Subramanian has an experience of almost two and a half decades in media, consulting, analytics and research. He had spent a decade with GroupM in New York at its business science division, Advance Techniques Group, working on large global clients.

Raghav Subramanian has worked with all the top conglomerates like WPP, Publicis and IPG. Post his return to India, he joined Vivaki Media and headed strategy, the moved to Starcom Mediavest as national director, insights and research in June 2011 and Thereafter, he joined Lintas Media Group as COO in December 19, 2011.

He has worked on brands such as American Express, Dabur, ITC Agro and Godfrey Phillips India.

About the Book:

For centuries, Indians have been asking all kinds of questions – about the meaning of life, our place in the cosmos, why we have so many gods and other such vital things. In the last hundred-odd years, marketing and advertising has given us none of those answers. What it has given us, nonetheless, is life-altering stuff.

It has attempted to make men Fair and Handsome. It has battled to make women 18 Again. And to both men and women it has given Tinder loving care.

It has made us realize that we like pizza as much as the next Italian – as long as Dominos puts keema dopyaaza on it and tempts us with, ‘Hungry kya?’

It has made us re-evaluate our life choices and ask thought-provoking questions like ‘Kitna deti hai?’ of our cars and ‘Kya aap Close-Up karte hain?’ of our toothpaste. In short, it has enriched our lives with quirky quips and clever (and, at times, outrageous) turns of phrase, unforgettable mascots, all-out Battles of the Brands, eye-popping insights and lump-in-the-throat moments, while feeding our addiction to controversies and virtual worlds.
In this must-read book, you’ll find unbusiness-like stories from Indian advertising through the ages – and everything you didn’t want to know about the hits, the misses, the also-rans and the banned.

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