Doodles on Leadership by R. Gopalakrishnan

About the Speaker:

R. Gopalakrishnan [A Unilever & TATA Veteran]

R Gopalakrishnan, A Unilever & TATA Veteran have co-authored their forthcoming book ‘The Made In India Manager‘ which is a first hand account that narrates the backdrop of successful managers who are Indians and the correlation between the nationality and the values that makes them successful leaders.

About the Book:

Doodles on Leadership is based on the metaphor of ‘balconies of leadership’. As a leader climbs upwards in his or her career, the perspective changes from the transactional to the corporate and, further on, to a societal view. Moving away from the cut and thrust of operational action, this book reflects on a leader’s journey through the changing perspectives that come with each stage. It demonstrates how a leader’s mind engages progressively with broader matters, rather than staying confined to only those of his company and its operations. The author argues that this widening engagement with society at large is most satisfying for business leaders, and emphasizes the role that business leaders can play in matters concerning nation and society. It demonstrates the practical way business leaders can contribute to the world, each based on his or her domain of expertise.

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