In Quest of The Last Victory by Navin Gulia

About the Speaker:

Navin Gulia [Ex-Army Officer]
AdventurerAuthorSocial Worker

An Ex-Army Officer and a World Record Holder in adventure Sports, Navin Gulia is a multiple award winning, internationally acclaimed, Author, Adventurer, Thinker, Orator and Social Worker.

About the Book:

In Quest of the Last Victory is an inspirational story of Navin Gulia’s perseverance, fighting spirit and persistent efforts to achieve higher goals by stretching beyond what his physical abilities seemed to permit him. Despite complete paralysis of the body, Navin Gulia continued to have aspirations and made every effort to accomplish them. With a single-minded focus and determination, he turned his disability into a life-affirming force. He mastered chess, studied computer science, flew hang gliders and microlight aircraft, and went on to become the first Indian to drive non-stop to the highest motorable mountain pass in the world, the forbidding Marsimik La in Ladakh. This is a captivating tale of grit and determination that will inspire and motivate people of all ages.

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