Did you ever wonder why there are no great women artists ?This is what Lubna Sen analysed with an article by Linda Nochlin and that's the article that inspired Lubna to be an art curator with a difference and how Miachel Angelo became a great artist. The factors that made male artists famous. In her research around arts, Lubna brings a lot of sense of purpose while supporting great causes.

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About the Speaker:

Lubna Sen [Art Curator & Visual Story Master]

I connect Art, Artists and Art Lovers.

I am unabashedly in love with Art and I like to share my childlike enthusiasm with everyone !

I have over 15 years of experience in collecting contemporary art, curating and writing about art, a Masters in History of Art from National Museum Institute (New Delhi) and training in Art Appreciation and Art Market from Sothebys (London) and MOMA (New York). I support busy professionals to experience the joy and fulfillment of owning just the perfect work of art.

For me, Art is more than just a creative expression of an individual or a something to decorate one’s loving home. In our fast paced lives ruled by technology, art helps us slow down, and take a moment. It stirs our imagination, and touches our soul in ways words or gadgets cannot. As theologist Thomas Merton said, "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time".

Art to me is also a window, through which we get a glimpse of a culture’s history, philosophy, religion, society and science. As a scholar in Art History, it is fascinating for me to study a famous artwork and decipher it’s historical context.

I am also deeply passionate about Indian Heritage preserved through Indian art , architecture and native folk art. I like to create awareness amongst our young global citizens on how deep and profound our Indian culture is.

As a collector and promoter of visual art, I am interested in all mediums - drawings, watercolours, acrylic and oil paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, grafitti, pop art, conceptual art . Through my company The Art Route I connect Art, Artists and Art Lovers through events in our gallery and curated projects .

About the Book:

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