Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

About the Speaker:

Gaurav Bakshi [MD - Strat Board]
Urdu Poet

Gaurav has been a part of the FMCG, Retail and Financial Services Industry in India and has made marque contributions to leading organisations like Dabur India, PepsiCo, Fitness First and Religare amidst varied, dynamic and compelling business and market landscape.

Having intensely experienced life and challenges of People Practitioners and HR Service Providers - he realizes the needs and unmet expectations which yet exist in the fast maturing Human Resources Function – and has recently launched a first of its kind platform for HR Leaders and Service Providers – hoping to make a definite delta to the ideation and execution of People Strategy!

Gaurav's biggest strength lies in Business HR and he specializes in bringing practical aspects of Human Resource Management as they exist in the real world on the bedrock of core concepts and fundamentals of People Management.

About the Book:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is frustrated with the meaningless conventionality of a seagull’s life. He is bored by the daily bickering for food and the limitations that define a seagull’s life. Driven with a passion for flying, he pushes himself in audacious mid-air feats and experiments to learn all that he can about flying. His passion to push boundaries lands him in a conflict with his flock, who eventually banish him.

Living as an outcast, Jonathan’s determination does not fade and he continues his efforts to fly higher. In his quest, he meets two radiant seagulls who take him to a ‘higher plane of existence’ through perfection of knowledge. Here, he meets other gulls that love flying, and teach him the idea of unlimited freedom. Jonathan learns that forgiving is essential and reaches back to Earth to his flock to teach them his newfound ideals.

This book is a distinguished motivational fable about seeking a higher purpose in life, even if the circumstances seem inconvenient. By not deserting his quest, Jonathan learns about the importance of love, respect, freedom and forgiveness. This edition has illustrations by Russell Munson and is the completed edition of the novella as it has the fourth part of the book. The fourth part was written contemporaneously by Richard Bach in 2013 and was first published as a complete edition in 2014.

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