Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting by Ravi Pandit

About the Speaker:

Dr. Mashelkar [Padam Vibhushan, Padam Bhushan, Padam Shri, Eminent Scientist & Author]

R.A. Mashelkar holds a long list of directorships, degrees and awards, all focused on advancing science and inclusive innovation in india. He's the president of the Global Research Alliance. While promoting and leading research agencies, he also has spearheaded efforts to protect traditional knowledge and expand intellectual property rights.

Known for his pioneering scientific contributions in polymer science, he is now propagating the principles of gandhian engineering, a system of development aligned with sustainability principles to create more useful goods and services for more people using fewer resources.

About the Book:

An exhilarating manifesto for the future, this book convinces readers to make the shift from reactive leapfrogging to proactive pole-vaulting through radical transformation.

The unique '3-4-7 framework' demonstrates how a paralysing mass of problems can be brought down to a formidable formula, thus making every problem solvable, no matter how big and complex. The book is dotted with inspiring case studies that can instil confidence in people from across the world to put this framework into practice for assured success.

Dr Mashelkar and Mr Pandit ably show in this must-read book that-as an interplay of global issues constantly raise the bar for innovation today-there has never been a better time to use our learnings to pole-vault over those bars into a new future!

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