Transforming systems by Arun Maira

About the Speaker:

Arun Maira [Chairman- Help Age International, Former Chairman- BCG India, Former Member of India's Planning Commission & Author]

Arun Maira is a thought leader on social and economic development and transformational change and leadership. He is an author of several books including: Shaping the Future: Aspirational Leadership in India and Beyond; Redesigning the Airplane While Flying: Reforming Institutions; and Transforming Capitalism: Improving the World for Everyone. His most recent book is Listening for Well-Being: Conversations with People Not Like Us. He is a frequent speaker at international forums on the reform of institutions.

Arun Maira is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of HelpAge International and Chairman of the Foundation for MSME Clusters.

He was a Member of the Planning Commission of India from 2009 to 2014, and a Member of the National Innovation Council. He was Chairman of The Boston Consulting Group in India from 2000-2008. Earlier, he worked with the Tata Group for 25 years in senior management and board positions.

Arun Maira has been Chairman of the Quality Council of India, Save the Children India, and the Axis Bank Foundation. He has served on the boards of the UN Global Compact and several social work organizations and educational institutions in India and abroad. He has also served on the National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry for many years.

About the Book:

By the turn of the millennium, the dominant idea was that not only should the business of business be only business, but countries, governments and civil society organizations should also be run on principles of business. Soon, the realization that, while economies had been growing, systemic problems of social inequality and environmental unsustainability were becoming intolerable, led to the Sustainable Development Goals, which all countries signed up to achieve. A new toolkit is required to attain these goals that go beyond the precepts of good business management and prevalent best practices in government as well as civil society organizations. In Transforming Systems, Arun Maira stresses that a new toolkit has to be founded on disciplines of systems thinking, ethical reasoning and deep listening. It should focus more on concepts of governance of networks, rather than the management of organizations. Diverse points of view must be heard and valued, not smothered beneath technology-driven quantitative data analysis. Maira brings the wealth of his knowledge and experience to highlight the uncertainty of our future that is bound to change dynamically, and points out how we can cope with the changes. He insists that the most useful life skill for young people is to learn how to be lifelong learners, sensitive to their own evolution within an evolving system.

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