Not Just A Civil Servant by Anil Swarup

For A Civil Servant , It's All About Choices ! Keynote by Anil Swarup

The keynote author at CBL ' While@Work' session , former Coal and Higher Education Secretary, GoI, Anil Swarup, in his address gives a very key message to each and every professional on how should we conduct ourselves in our jobs we are assigned to. He became a government servant not by his choice but it was his father's will but he gave his 100% to each and every role assigned to him. A karmyogi is always a karmyogi #notjustacivilservant #whileatwork #talksinspiredbybooks #citybookleaders PS : Apologies for the technical snag in the initial part of the recording. Would request your patient hearing in the initial few minutes.

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About the Speaker:

Anil Swarup [Former IAS, Author: Not Just A Civil Servant]

Author of "Not Just A Civil Servant" and experienced public servant with a demonstrated history of working in Coal and School Education sectors. Strong administrative professional skilled in Crisis Management, Infrastructure and Social Sectors. Reformed the Coal Sector that led to transparent auction of natural resources and unprecedented increase in Coal production. Fostered public-private partnerships to improve quality of school education by involving NGOs. Formulated and administered one of the largest social sector health insurance scheme for more than 30 million poor in the country.

About the Book:

Not Just A Civil Servant drafts the journey of Anil Swarup, a civil servant who survived despite being politically incorrect. He invites readers into his world chronicling the experiences that shaped him from growing years as a student to his years of rigorous training as a civil servant and finally managing crisis, both man-made and otherwise, that confronted the government. His career, spanning 38 years, revolved round tackling myriad of issues that ranged from dealing with corruption in the state of Uttar Pradesh to coal mafias, witnessing the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition to handling education mafias. The memoir records the travails and tribulations of Anil Swarup as a decision maker and as an internal observer of the system. He describes his triumphs and his disappointments, both public and private, narrating his story as he has lived, in his own words and on his own terms. It also lays bare the understanding of administration by a bureaucrat. The book is a culmination of Swarup's initiatives and intense engagement with various contentious issues both at the state and at national level. This memoir is a deeply personal reckoning of a man who attempted to make-things-happen with the hope to inspire others to do the same.

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